Why Did CM Punk Walk Out of WWE in 2014? Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Their Past Tension

As the wrestling world eagerly anticipates CM Punk's return to WWE, the question echoes: Why did he leave in the first place? Delving into the past, we uncover the reasons behind the enigmatic departure, shedding light on Punk's discontent with WWE's booking and his unexpected detour into the world of MMA.

Discontent with WWE's Booking:

CM Punk, leaving WWE in 2014, expressed discontent after AEW 'Double or Nothing.' He cited limitations imposed by WWE's creative department as the reason for not reaching his full potential, a key factor in grasping his return after seven years.

Failed Stint in MMA:

Despite a thriving wrestling career, Punk entered MMA in the UFC. Two setbacks and health issues made him realize it wasn't his forte, steering him back to WWE—a decision that surprised many.

A New Chapter with WWE:

Now, as CM Punk prepares to re-enter the squared circle, fans wonder if his grievances with WWE's booking have been addressed. With a seven-year hiatus and a stint in MMA behind him, Punk's return could signify a fresh start, potentially fueled by newfound trust in the revamped creative department.

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