VIDEO: Super-Car Stunt Goes Wrong as Dodge Sends a Man Flying in the Air While Causing Massive Damage to the Car

Published 10/31/2023, 3:56 PM EDT

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Street races and car stunts involve a lot of rush and adrenaline. A large group of people enjoy being in a position of unknown or pulling off stunts filled with danger. If it is executed perfectly, the thrill, happiness, and rush of emotions that one gets is unparalleled and something people tend to chase.

Street racing is still illegal in the USA but continues to thrive far and wide across the country. People engage in multiple street races and stunt shows to show off their cars, their speed, and their skills.

Dodge Challenger smashes man into the air


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At times, however, these races and stunts also go wrong. There are many instances where an illegal street race or stunt show has led to injury of people and sometimes even death.



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A video shared on Instagram showed one such instance, where a Dodge Challenger was in the middle of performing a donut, a popular street stunt. It involves the car doing 360°a around one spot. The driver of the Challenger lost control and smashed a man who was on the sidelines watching.

The speed and impact of the crash were so hard that it sent the man flying, and he, too, did a 360° flip while he landed on the floor. Thankfully, the man did not get himself seriously injured and stood up immediately after the crash. The crash caused considerable damage to the car’s rear end. A part of it was hanging from it behind, but the driver seemed unaffected and continued to attempt the donut.

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Instagram users react to stunt gone wrong

Users on Instagram were definitely not a fan of what transpired in the video and made their thoughts quite clear.

One user was confused about who was more damaged, the man or the car, as he commented, “I can’t tell if the car did more damage to the guy or if the guy did more damage to the car.”

Another user was pretty stunned by the whole event as he said, “Bruh lol that challenger went from clean to salvage title in a snap of a finger 🤯🤯🥲”


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Another user was quite concerned about the man’s phone as he commented, “Was his phone ok?”

One user commented, “These gatherings are moronic and the people that get hit are moronic. Sloths have a faster response time.”

Another user was pretty sure that was the man hurt really bad as he commented, “That person could not be ok”


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While the videos of street races and stunts make for excellent viewing, there are also different sides to it all. The dangers of the activity and its consequences are there for everyone to see, and drivers should practice more caution.

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