Worst Wrestling Moves in WWE History

WWE Superstars use a variety of moves to maximum damage on their opponents, but there are some moves that never look convincing

Today, we check out the worst wrestling moves ever used in WWE history

The Cobra

Santino Marella's Cobra has to be the least affective finisher, but given his character that move definitely fits him!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Stink Face

The name Stink Face is enough to describe this move. It was a top move in Rikishi arsenal and we all know the reason why

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Worm

Scotty 2 Hotty's Worm finisher was an entertaining sight, but it had no credibility. Either way, it was a nice entertaining bit

Credit: YouTube/WWE


Naomi's finisher the Rareview isn't effective. It looks very weird for an opponent to lose after getting KO'd like that

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Samoan Spike

Made famous by Umaga. The Samoan Spike has to be on this list. Check out how ridiculous this move is!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Atomic Drop

The atomic drop is one of the oldest moves in pro wrestling, but when you look closely, you realise it serves no purpose

Credit: YouTube/WWE