JOhn Cena, Stone Cold and More: WWE Superstars Who Attacked Authority Figures!

WWE is all about sports entertainment at its finest. However, amid the entertainment and wrestling, there have been times Authority figures in the company have had to face the wrath of superstars.

Who were these superstars?
Let's take a look

KUrt Angle teaches Shane McMahon
a Lesson!

Shane McMahon who owned WCW at the time, kept mocking and insulting Angle in a segment on Raw. In the end, Angle had enough and executed a superb Angle Slam on Shane

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Brock lesnar
Stone Cold

Brock Lesnar blindsided Raw General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin on Raw. He hit Austin with an F5, but eventually that led to him booking Lesnar against Goldberg

Heading 2

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Undertaker
Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman got the biggest shock of his life as he saw an enraged Undertaker face to face. Heyman got what he deserved as Taker sent him to hell with a Tombstone

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Triple H
Sgt. Slaughter

Triple H and the entire D-Generation X attacked Raw Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter as he laid his hands on the faction. HHH put down Slaughter with his pedigree finisher

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena
William Regal

John Cena had enough of Raw General Manager William Regal's shenanigans and he finally lost control on an episode of Raw when he viciously attacked Regal

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The WWE Chairman
Gets a Stunner!

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the only one who got away attacking WWE Chairman Vince McMahon multiple times. In fact, that is what got him even more over with fans!

Credit: YouTube/WWE