The Rock, Sheamus and more: WWE Superstars who had a Blast
on Conan

AS Conan O'Brien bid adieu to his late night talk show on TBs, let's look at the times when WWE Superstars appeared on the show
and had a ton of fun!

Triple H

Triple H appeared on Late Night with Conan for the second time in December 2004. Conan and 'The Game' had a fun moment as Conan tried to chop Triple H

Credit: YouTube/Bobblehead Conan

THe ROck

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson made another appearance on Conan to promote his film Rampage. Conan tried his best to make Johnson believe he's the same as him!

Credit: YouTube/Team Coco

Heading 2


In his second appearance on Conan, Sheamus made sure he has a lot of fun. He did the unthinkable by giving Conan a mohawk just like him!

Credit: YouTube/Team Coco

Stone Cold

Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Conan had a blast on the late night show when Austin demonstrated Conan how to crack open and drink a beer in his style

Credit: YouTube/Team Coco

John Cena

John Cena and Conan's chemistry is undoubtedly the best among all superstars. This particular day Cena and Conan got into a staredown competition!

Credit: YouTube/Team Coco

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns appeared on Conan a few years ago and revealed a really funny story of a fan who groped him by the b**t during his entrance!

Credit: YouTube/Team Coco