Biggest F1 crashes from 2020 Featuring Ferrari pair & Romain Grosjean

The 2020 F1 season had some of the most breathtaking racing, coupled with a few dramatic crashes.

Swipe to see some of the most gut-wrenching ones, including a miraculous escape -

Belgian GP
Russell & Giovinazzi

Flying wheel hits Russell

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

As Antonio Giovinazzi crashed into the barriers, a loose wheel from his car also took out George Russell.

Bahrain GP
Romain Grosjean

Death-defying escape

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Romain Grosjean can consider himself lucky after escaping a fireball crash which also sowed his car into two pieces.

Bahrain GP
Lance Stroll

Topsy-turvy Stroll

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

During the same race in Bahrain, Lance Stroll's car was turned upside down after he collided with Daniil Kvyat.

Tuscan GP
Multi-car crash

The domino effect

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

As the safety car period came to an end, confusion in the mid-field pack led to cars crashing into each other.

Italian GP
Charles Leclerc

'I am stupid' - Leclerc

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

The Ferrari driver lost the rear of his car and crashed sideways into the barrier at Parabolica.

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