5 Times Muhammad Ali Broke His Opponent Outside The Ring

The heavyweight GOAT Muhammad Ali was as great outside the ring as he was inside. So, let's take a look at 5 times Muhammad Ali broke his opponent outside the ring.


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Joe Frazier

Ali called Frazier ignorant, and it made Frazier furious. Frazier stood up in front of Ali, and the altercation between them started in a live TV show interview. Ali and Frazier got into a scuffle, and it looked like Ali got under Frazier's skin.

Ernie Terrell

In the pre-fight press conference of Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrell, Ali slapped Terrell, and it was one of the biggest insults of Terrell's boxing career.

George Foreman

In the pre-fight press conference of Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman, Ali insulted Foreman in his classic rap style insult. 'I make medicine sick' one of the most memorable lines of this press conference.

Sonny Liston

Ali trash-talked Liston throughout the official weigh-in of their match. It appeared like Liston got intimated by the legend Muhammad Ali outside as well as inside the ring.

Richard Dunn

Ali intimidated Richard Dunn during their press conference. Things got crazy when Ali put his hands on Dunn's neck.

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