Boxing News Round-Up (Jan 08, 2023): Tommy Fury Challenges Paul, Bisping Reacts on Jake Paul's PFL Partnership, & More 

From big revelations, and offering support to new challenges, here is everything that you need to know about the world of boxing.

Paul on Davis vs. Garcia

Jake Paul took to Twitter to express his support for Ryan Garcia ahead of Davis vs. Garcia which is expected to take place in April 2023. 

Coffeezilla's Another Revelation

Coffeezilla recently took to Twitter to offer an update regarding Logan Paul's lawsuit threat. He expressed that Paul called him and agreed to take down his tweets and call off the legal action.

Bisping on Paul's PFL Partnership 

In the recent episode of ‘Bisping Reacts’, Michael Bisping revealed his take on Jake Paul's partnership with the PFL. Bisping revealed about Paul's 50–50 deal and said, “And remember Jake Paul was talking about fighters unions and all the rest of it and wanting, wanting Dana to give up more money to the fighters. And of course, I support all fighters making as much money as possible. But that was never his mission, you know. That was just bulls**t. And that now he signed with the PFL. Some of the PFL in the super league, right? Where the revenue is gonna get split 50-50. But not for the average guys in PFL.”

Fury Challenges Paul

Tommy Fury recently took to Twitter to challenge Jake Paul. Fury expressed that he is willing to fight Paul for free.

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