Is Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Happening? Here's What the Two and John Fury Have to say.

Jake Paul has given 24 hours final ultimatum to Tommy Fury to finalize their inevitable fight. As per the reports, the rescheduled fight is happening this August. Where will this bloody tussle between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury end? 

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury was set to take place in December 2021

Fury had to pull out of the fight citing his health issues before it was set to take place in December 2021.

Paul accused Fury of faking excuses

In a recent post, Paul accused Fury of faking it and wanting to withdraw for a second time.

Fury’s father revealed their ban

Fury's father confirmed that the heavyweight champion has been banned from flying to the US due to the boxer’s former links to mobster Daniel Kinahan.

John Fury released another statement

John Fury released another video stating that he got nothing to do with the negotiations and distanced himself from Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury's Response

Fury responded to all the claims by stating that the fight is on for August 6th and that he doesn't need anybody to lay Paul flat in a bout.

“I Don’t Need Anybody to Help Me Lay You Flat on That Canvas”: Tommy Fury Releases a Statement Following Jake Paul’s “24-Hour” Warning and John & Tyson Fury Fiasco

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