Six things no one told you about floyd Mayweather 

Floyd Mayweather is often known in the public for his misdemeanors of which there are many. However, today we take a look at a few acts of kindness from Floyd Mayweather. 


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Saved the life of a 10-year old child

In 2012, Floyd Mayweather paid a $49,000 medical bill for a 10-year old child who was suffering from a rare medical condition. Mayweather decided to act once he learnt of the situation the child was in from his manager. 

Paid for Joe Frazier 

When the legendary boxer Joe Frazier passed away,  Mayweather tweeted that he would pay for the funeral expenses for the legendary boxer. 

Paid for the funeral of Genaro Hernandez 

Upon learning about Hernandez's failed battle with Cancer, Mayweather offered to pay for the funeral services for Hernandez. 

COVID-19 Donation

After learning of the tough times people in his city were going through during the Pandemic, Floyd Pledged to donate and give back to the city to ease the financial burden on people. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr foundation

Mayweather owns a charitable foundation named after himself. Through the foundation he organizes multiple food drives, and other activities to help out his community.

Money Team

Mayweather has helped multiple members of 'The Money Team' establish their own businesses by financing them. 

George Floyd Funeral 

In 2020, Floyd Mayweather offered to pay for the funeral services of George Floyd. 

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