Brock Lesnar's Most brutal assaults in WWE

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Brock lesnar has shown how ruthless he can be inside the octagon, but he has also showed it in the wWe with some ruthless assaults and brawls over the years.

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Brock Lesnar broke Triple H's arm with a Kimura lock after 'The Game' denied meeting Lesnar's contract demands. This eventually led to a match at Summerslam 2012

Breaking Triple H's arm

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Lesnar and HHH met at Summerslam 2012. During the match, 'The Game' said this is not UFC, this is WWE and that was it. Lesnar followed up with a vicious attack focusing on HHH's already injured arm

Making Triple H pay for his comments

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Lesnar doesn't fear anyone and that truly showed when he laid hands of WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon on Raw. The attack caused McMahon to break a hip and needed surgery.

Attacking the chairman Vince McMahon

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Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker brawled in the ring ahead of their match at Summerslam 2015. Lesnar was relentless as he fought through the entire roster and jumped on the 'Deadman.'

The unending brawl
with The Undertaker

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Orton and Lesnar faced at Summerslam 2016 where Lesnar hit Orton with legitimate forearm strikes, busting Orton's skull and leaving him in a pool of blood

Busting open Randy Orton

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Lesnar and Reigns faced off in the main event of WrestleMania 34. Lesnar got furious after Reigns kicked out of several F5s and legit busted him open with lethal strikes

Opening up
Roman Reigns

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Brock Lesnar not only assaulted WWE Legend Rey Mysterio on Raw in 2019, but also brutally attacked his son Dominik sitting at ringside

Rey Mysterio's Son