The Spookiest Horror Games to be Found on PlayStation Plus Catalog this Halloween!

Sony's Playstation Plus Catalog is full of exciting titles to try, some of them are mind-blowing horror games. This Halloween season we list some of those games so you can have the spookiest of Halloweens!

Outlast 2

A cameraman tries to find his pregnant wife in a forest just beside a huge community of cultists. Even this small brief is a nightmare fuel, imagine the game.

The Quarry

An Interactive Drama game that allows players to control a bunch of characters as they do their best to survive in an unbelievably nightmarish location being hunted by a killer. Just don't forget, your every choice would have game-changing consequences.

Resident evil 7 biohazard

A Resident Evil game that is not action and campy, but genuinely, nerve-renchingly creepy. Play this game as it celebrates the series with real horrifying imagery.


A fan of roguelikes? Love reading Lovecraftian horror? This game is for you, a mix of creatures straight from the army of great lord Cthulu and creepy environments, and fast-paced action gameplay this game shines through and through. Also, its gut-wrenchingly hard and has a very weird ending.

Alien Isolation

In Alien Isolation players struggle to survive against a Xenomorph. It is not just any Xenomorph though, it is very very intelligent. It can be fooled once but it learns with players and they cannot play the same trick on this alien more than once. Knowing that you're matched against an ever-evolving AI should scare the living hell out of anyone.

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