From Cristiano Ronaldo to Shaquille O'Neal:
When Non-F1 Athletes Mingled with Lewis Hamilton & Co. on track

While F1 may not be globally as popular as some of the other sports, athletes from those fields certainly enjoy the VIP experience of a Grand Prix weekend.

Here are some of the biggest names to catch the eye in the paddock -

Usain Bolt
2017 US GP

Speed recognizes Speed

Credit: Youtube/Mike Moonen

After Hamilton emerged victoriously, he did the 'Lightning Bolt Pose' alongside the fastest man on Earth.

Shaquille O'Neal
2001 German GP

Big Aristotle's fun weekend

Credit: Youtube/John Cash

After winning his back-to-back NBA title with the Lakers, Shaq emerged on the F1 grid just before the race start in Germany.

Cristiano Ronaldo
2019 Monaco GP

Ronaldo Jr. behind the wheels

Credit: Youtube/ScoreBat Football

Cristiano Ronaldo visited Mercedes' garage along with his son and Hamilton duly entertained his guests.

Odell Beckham Jr.
2019 Monaco GP

Wide-receiver gives Lewis advice

Credit: Youtube/Odell Beckham Jr.

The NFL superstar encouraged Hamilton on the radio as he was battling for the win against Verstappen.

David Beckham
2019 Bahrain GP

Waive it like Beckham!

Credit: Youtube/SOL

The former Manchester United footballer waived the chequered flag after chatting with Hamilton before the race.

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