From Drunk Gala to dry responses: Kimi Raikkonen's funniest f1 moments

If you count the most jovial and hilarious people in F1 on 1 hand, chance is that goofballs like Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris top your list.

However, they try to be intentionally funny whereas...

Kimi Raikkonen is simply the most unique because he tickles our funny bones with his dark, dry and blunt sense of humour.

Here, he is pulling no punches.

'I was having a sh*t'

When the other drivers were aching to meet football legend, Pele, Kimi was busy relieving himself in the toilet.

Credit: Youtube/Kimiisland

'Leave Me Alone'

The incident wasn't very funny in itself, but what followed after it. The whole team got customized shirts with his now-famous quote.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Kimi has a blast at 2018 F1 gala

The Iceman let go of himself and drank like there was no tomorrow at the FIA Awards Gala. His antics there are a piece of legend.

Credit: Youtube/RoowF1

One More Toy

The Finn retired from the 2005 Monaco Gp with an engine issue. While other drivers may go straight to the paddock and analyze what went wrong, Kimi had other ideas.

Credit: Youtube/alboF1

No race, no problem for Kimi

When the race in Malaysia was suspended because of torrential rain, Kimi got out and tucked into ice-cream and Cola to relax.

Credit: Youtube/Kimiisland

While these are the moments when was funny during a race, there are times when he showcases his true 'one-liner' personality in press conferences.

Have a look for yourself.

'Kimi parties all the time'

Although Hamilton and the others found it very funny, it failed to entertian the iceman.

Credit: Youtube/Out of context F1

Behold the sarcastic king-Kimi

Finally, he loses it after being constantly questioned on his decision to leave Ferrari and join Sauber F1.

Credit: Youtube/AlboF1

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