From Lewis Hamilton to
 The Miz:
When F1 & WWE Crossed Over

While you may think that motorsports and wrestling do not go well together, we are here to prove you otherwise.

There were times when the two sports crossed paths and it was absolutely entertaining -

The Miz
2018 American GP

The Miz gets on a hot lap

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

The A-lister got on a hot lap around the Texas circuit in a Mclaren racecar as he made his presence felt.

Antonio Cesaro
2019 Spanish GP

Spin-master swing the tires

Credit: Youtube/SkySports F1

While he is accustomed to sending his opponents around the world in the ring, Cesaro settled for a regular F1 pit stop here.

Lewis Hamilton with Lucha Libre - 2015 

Lewis bodyslamms Lucha

Credit: Youtube/Mercedes-AMG

Making a guest appearance on the wrestling show in Mexico, Hamilton showcased his WWE skills against Lucha Libre.

Samoa Joe
2019 Mexican GP

Samoa Joe has a blast

Credit: Youtube/WWE

The American wrestler enjoyed the weekend in Mexico as a guest of McLaren F1 Team.

2018 US GP

Maryse left impressed

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Miz's other half was awe-struck by the brilliance of the driver who took her around the track.

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