Lewis Hamilton biggest F1 crashes

It seems like an eternity since we have seen the masterful Lewis Hamilton crash in F1.

However, there have been some dangerous crashes involving him in the past. Here are a few of them -

European GP

'Rookie' error from Lewis

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

In his debut F1 season, the Briton had the worst crash of his career. He was taken to the hospital for a precautionary scan.

Canadian GP

Lewis rams into Kimi

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Failing to spot the stop sign at the exit of the pit lane, Hamilton rammed into Raikkonen, sending both of them out of the race.

Belgian GP

Wildest start to a race

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton was merely a passenger as Romain Grosjean caused a 5-car crash that earned him a 1-race penalty.

Spanish GP

Ugliest Nico-Lewis moment

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

The rivalry between the Mercedes pair reached its boiling point as they took each other out of the race.

Brazilian GP

Sideways into the barriers

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

After wrapping up the world title, he let his foot off the gas and paid the price for it in Brazil.

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