Mad Max: Verstappen's angriest rants on F1 team radio

Max Verstappen's hothead and competitiveness mean he can go over the edge sometimes.

There are moments where he loses his cool and brings out the F-bombs over the team radio. Those instances are -

2018 Brazilian GP

When Ocon cost him the win

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

This is Verstappen's most note-worthy fit of rage in F1. After Ocon crashed into him, he could not control his anger.

2020 Tuscan GP 

Mugello shit-show angers Max

Credit: Youtube/Formula Extra

The Dutchman was caught in the middle of the pack during the opening lap when a multi-car crash sent him out of the track.

2021 Bahrain GP

Max frustrated to lose

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

The Red Bull driver was not a happy man as he was forced to surrender his lead to Hamilton at the behest of his team.

2020 Portuguese GP

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

This time it was Ocon's successor, Lance Stroll, who impeded him as they both collided on the track.

Another tryst with pink

2018 Italian GP

Max criticizes the FIA

Credit: Youtube/SigmanApex87

Verstappen was not happy as he complained about the 10-second penalty handed to him for blocking Valtteri Bottas.

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