From Serena Williams to Chris Hemsworth: Celebrities Lured by the Glitz & Glamour of Monaco GP

Monaco is famous in the F1 calendar for being the hub of the most well-known celebrities from around the world.

Here are the biggest name to flock the paddock in recent years -

Cristiano Ronaldo
2019 Monaco GP

Ronaldo Jr. behind the wheels

Credit: Youtube/ScoreBat Football

Cristiano Ronaldo visited Mercedes' garage along with his son and Hamilton duly entertained his guests.

Tom Holland
2021 Monaco GP

McLaren mock the spiderman

Credit: Youtube/That one Formula

When Tom Holland was at the front of their garage, McLaren belted out the spider-man theme song.

Serena Williams
2021 Monaco GP

Serena waves chequered flag

Credit: Youtube/F1 Jackman

After waving the chequered flag for the 2021 Monaco GP, he stood alongside Max Verstappen to give a post-race interview.

Bella & Gigi Hadid
2018 Monaco GP

Adriana Lima & Winnie Harlow
2016 Monaco GP

Chris Hemsworth
2017 Monaco GP

The mighty Thor entertains

Credit: Youtube/TAG HEUR

Chris Hemsworth was an honory guest of Red Bull at the 2017 Monaco GP.

Odell Beckham Jr.
2019 Monaco GP

Wide-receiver gives Lewis advice

Credit: Youtube/Odell Beckham Jr.

The NFL superstar encouraged Hamilton on the radio as he was battling for the win against Verstappen.

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