HILARIOUS: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and others in the funniest Elliot Loney's impersonations

Elliot Loney is a comedian and impersonator, best known for his imitation of tennis players, especially Rafael Nadal.

Nick Kyrgios' three pointers for learning tennis

Elliot Loney mimicked Nick Kyrgios perfectly and didn't miss the player's liking of basketball.

Credit: Youtube/ Elliot Loney

Elliot Loney's impression of Andy Murray

Elliot Loney mimicked a perfect Andy Murray with the Brit's head scratching and disruptions.

Credit: Youtube/ Elliot Loney

Former player
Jim Courier's imitation 

Jim Courier's imitation was inspired by the American's prominant way of taking on-court interviews.

Credit: Youtube/ Elliot Loney

Dominic Thiem congratulates Rafael Nadal

Elliot Loney imitated Dominic Thiem and congratulated Rafa Nadal on crossing 1000 ATP wins.

Credit: Youtube/ Elliot Loney

Elliot Loney recreates Novak Djokovic's iconic celebration

Elliot Loney as Novak Djokovic taught everyone how to hit a forehand and then involve the crowd with his celebration.

Credit: Youtube/ Elliot Loney

Elliot Loney's impression of Rafael Nadal

Elliot Loney as Rafael Nadal hyped up his forehand and talked about his clay-court prowess.

Credit: Youtube/ Elliot Loney

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