Michael Jordan's Rare HeateD Moments with Reggie Miller, Danny Ainge and Others


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Not only is Michael Jordan the greatest player on the court, he can also be the most ruthless and competitive. And that might not sit well with everyone. Unsurprisingly, that means he also clashed with his rivals on many occasions. 
Let's look at some of his most ugly fights on the court. 

Michael Jordan vs John Starks

What started with a scuffle between John Starks and Scottie Pippen ended up being a battleground. It finally culminated into a Jordan-Stark confrontation which led to John getting ejected. 

Knicks vs Bulls

Credit: Youtube/ DW_Chooka

Michael Jordan vs Reggie Miller

Jordan had just pulled off an incredible chasedown block on one of the Pacers', and Miller was trailing the play. Unfortunately, he bumped into Jordan resulting in an ugly brawl.

Pacers vs Bulls

Credit: YouTube/DW_Chooka

Michael Jordan vs Glen Rice

During Game 5 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Playoffs, Rice and MJ had to be restrained after Jordan was constantly banging into Rice.

Hornets vs Bulls

Credit: YouTube/DW_Chooka

Michael Jordan vs Danny Ainge

Not many people were fond of Danny Ainge and when he called for a foul after Jordan's elbow just grazed his cheek, he saw the worst of the Bulls star and things went out of hand.

Suns vs Bulls

Credit: YouTube/DW_Chooka

Michael Jordan vs Byron Irvin

How a steal from Michael Jordan can trigger a ruthless fight is very evident in this match. Byron Irvin was furious with Jordan even after they had to be pulled off of each other.

Blazers vs Bulls

Credit: YouTube/DW_Chooka

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