NBA Stars Who Have Played Other Sports

Being extremely athletic is the job description of being an NBA player, and for those that are athletic, chances are they can play other sports as well. And they even try their luck with it during their days until they finally decide on what they do best. 

Here are some NBA players who have stepped on a different playing field. 

Stephen Curry

Steph comes from a family of athletes. So, it's no surprise that the two-time MVP lived his live surrounded by different sports. Before becoming the best three-point shooter in the NBA, Curry was also a great football, baseball, and soccer player as a youngster.

Credit: Youtube/PHP

Wilt Chamberlain

Not everyone knows that the 'Big Dipper' was also a Volleyball player. His athleticism extended to shot put, high jump, and also ran track. 

Credit: Youtube/SMU Jones Film

Michael Jordan

MJ is the GOAT in NBA's history. But after his father passed away, MJ left the league to play baseball after winning 3 titles. However, his unsuccessful run there only drove him back to the hardwood floor and won 3 more championships.

Credit: Youtube/MLG Highlights

LeBron James 

LeBron James was a football player before he decided to go with basketball instead. In fact, he even revealed that he got a few offers to play in the NFL as well. 

Credit: Youtube/Aphotic Productions

Tim Duncan

This will be a big surprise but Tim Duncan was a terrific swimmer. So good that he was even poised to reach the 1992 Olympics as a swimmer before his training ground was destroyed by a hurricane. 

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