Did Michael Jordan Play in 1994? Was Shaquille O'Neal The Last Player to Beat MJ in The NBA Playoffs?

if you watched the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, there was one man who stole the show. This is none other than ‘His Airness’, Michael Jordan. Jordan exhibited pure domination on the NBA floor as he led the Bulls to six titles. For any team to win the title, it was almost certain that they had to beat MJ to get there. This was the case from the 1990-91 season to the 1992-93 season.

However, in 1993, MJ announced his retirement from the game and took to baseball. He played for nearly two years before returning to the NBA in March 1995. It was during this 1994-95 season that he would fall short of the finals. The Bulls would lose to a young Orlando Magic team led by Shaquille O’Neal.

 In light of this loss, Shaq explained what it was like to beat MJ in 1995 and then get swept by him and the Bulls in 1996. Back in 2021, Shaq spoke on the ‘Full Send Podcast‘ about how it was to beat MJ in the 1995 playoffs. 

“I take pride in being the last guy to beat Michael Jordan in a playoff situation. Everybody’s gonna say, ‘Oh he came back from baseball.’ But my thing is, and I know he has the same mentality, if you’re on that court, that means you’re ready to go,” explained Shaq.

Thereafter, Shaq added that in the following season, it appeared as though MJ had learnt from his mistakes in the previous season. He would return to beat Shaq’s Magic 4-0 in 1996.“I know Michael actually learned from Michael, and the next year, they came back and demolished us. You know, make sure we didn’t win a game,” he added.

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