Five NBA Stars Who Had Significant Cameos on WWE Featuring Trae Young

NBA players' lives don't just revolve around basketball. In fact, they have shown plenty of interest in several other sports like Tennis, Golf, and even Wrestling. 

This also means that some NBA stars have even appeared on some popular wrestling shows that the WWE has organized. 

Looking at players from these separate sports come together is a sight to watch and that's what we will focus on today!

Karl Malone

Karl Malone is no stranger to WWE and has made an appearance more than anyone. The most notable appearance was back in 1998 when he wrestled in the ring for the Bash at the Beach pay-per-view event.  He ended up teaming up with pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and they fought legendary Hulk Hogan who paired with another NBA player, Dennis Rodman. Although Malone and Page lost, this was brutal!

Credit: Youtube/WWE

Dennis Rodman

As mentioned before, Rodman appeared to fight his NBA rival, Karl Malone. In fact, the two of them even butted heads in the NBA Finals just a month before this face-off. In fact, Rodman's infamous story of mission a practice session with the Chicago Bulls to appear on a WWE show isn't a secret. Rodman has even helped Hogan win a world championship in 1997.

Credit: Youtube/WWE

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq first appeared for the WWE in 1994, presenting Hulk Hogan his world title. Then he came back in 2009 as a guest host but got into an in-ring feud with Big Show and surprisingly pushed him out of the ring. However, his appearance was at the Wrestlemania pay-per-view in 2016, participating in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. In this, he paired up with the Big Show to choke-slam Kane.

Credit: Youtube/WWE

Lonzo Ball

It wasn't just Lonzo, but other members of the Ball family like LaVar Ball, and even LaMelo Ball were a part of a segment that was being hosted by WWE superstar Miz. This "Monday Night Raw" premiere show wasn't very interesting with the only highlight being LaVar and Miz's verbal spat.

Credit: Youtube/WWE

Trae Young

Trae Young and the MSG arena have a beef going on. So, when he shockingly made his first WWE appearance in New York,  he was booed. During the ten-man tag team match, Trae attacked former WWE  world champion, Rey Mysterio. This ticked off fans major and when the referee saw him, he was ejected immediately. It may have been short but Young entertained to the fullest, as he usually does.

Credit: Twitter/TWSN

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