From J.R.Smith to Erik Spoelstra: Teammates and Coaches That LeBron James Has Disrespected

The King is known to keep calm during moments of pressure and it is unusual to see him lose it. 

But there have been moments that his teammates brought it upon themselves. 

Let's look back at times when Bron got angry at his teammates. 

J.R. Smith

Back in 2018, NBA Finals Game 1 against the Warriors, Smith choked and failed to take a clutch shot with 4 seconds left. It was Bron's reaction to his stupidity that became a sensational meme later as well. The Warriors ended up winning that game in OT.

Credit: Youtube/CliveNBAParody

Mario Chalmers

When former Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers called LeBron a "b***h" during their timeout against the Pacers, LeBron leaped to confront him and had to be held back by teammate Udonis Haslem. However, Bron later apologized for it as well.

Credit: Youtube/frank den

Tyronn Lue

Back in 2018, Tyronn Lue was the Heat's head coach and once against the Blazers' he had a heated argument with LeBron James on the sidelines. It seemed like Bron was telling Lue what to do, but isn't that too harsh a way to do it?

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Tristan Thompson

When a football player pulls off a nutmeg against his opponent, it is considered a great diss. But what about when you do it in the NBA and to your own teammate? Probably more humiliating. Watch LeBron James pull it off on Tristan Thompson.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

Erik SpoelStra


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