Gambling Problems, Humiliated by Detroit Pistons & Other Things Michael Jordan Would Want NBA Fans to Forget

In his 15 year career, Michael Jordan achieved things that even He thought wouldn't have been possible at one point. 

However, there is a myth that the greatest of all time was perfect.

today, we debunk that myth and uncover for you a few things mj would want you to forget.

Minor league baseball struggles

MJ retired for the first time in 1993, after his father's death. So, to honor his father, who loved baseball, MJ tried his hand at minor league baseball. However, it was a disaster and he eventually returned to the NBA.

Credit: Youtube/MLB Vault

Gambling problems

There is a conspiracy theory that Jordan didn't retire but was forced to because of his gambling addiction. The worst incident was back in 1993 when MJ was seen in Atlantic City until the wee hours of the morning, a night before his playoff game against the Knicks. He lost tons of money and sleep.

Credit: Youtube/alexmj basketball

Getting crossed by allen iverson

Jordan was matched up against rookie guard Allen Iverson. With two crossovers Iverson left Jordan reaching at the air while the ball was falling through the net. This is what propelled Iverson to early stardom and left Jordan defeated and wondering.

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

Humiliation by the Detroit Pistons

Jordan has always admitted that the "Bad Boy" Pistons were the toughest team he faced. MJ and the Chicago Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs three years straight by them.  Although this repetitive failure only made MJ more determined, he definitely would want this forgotten.

Credit: Youtube/MJ23 His Airness Forever

Drafting Kwame Brown

Larry Bird Remains Undefeated

Crying Jordan Meme


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