Injuries That James Harden Has Powered Through Over The Years of his Career

After a long time, the chances of James Harden finally winning a championship are looking better than ever with the Brooklyn Nets. 

However, there is one problem and that's his recently aggravated hamstring injury. 

Over the years, Harden has faced a couple of health issues. Let's take a look!

Hamstring strain

Harden isn't oblivious to a hamstring injury. He briefly missed game back in 2017 and some more in 2018 because of it. However, he wasn't out very long and the Rockets were able to be at the top of the conference with 65 wins. 

Credit: Youtube/ HNB Media TV

Cervical Strain

Neck issues are also something Harden has carried with him over the years. It first started back in 2019. He even tried playing through one of the games against the Lakers with it, but experienced extreme discomfort. So, had to sit down for the next few games.

Credit: Twitter/Alex Radow


Harden was lucky to not have damaged his cornea despite being poked in both eyes by Draymond Green. The injury had forced him to walk out of the game but when he returned, his eyes looked bloodshot red.

Credit: Youtube/House of Highlights

Hamstring injury

Harden first experienced some tightness in his right hamstring in March. However from May onwards, discomfort continued and Harden missed games on and off and now, with the playoffs, Harden tried to play through it against the Bucks but had to leave early. This could be very problematic for the Nets.

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report


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