LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett & Other NBA Players Who did Not  Attend College

While on most occasions, players who don't play college basketball are often under everyone's radar of doubt. 

however, there are some superstars who did not feel the need to suit up for College basketball and made hall of fame careers in the league as well. Let's take a quick glance at those legends.


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Tony Parker

The San Antonio Spurs have a knack for finding and building on international talent. Tony's individual accomplishments shouldn't be forgotten and he did not need college to make him great.

Credit: Youtube/Bleacher Report

DWight howard

We may clown him, but it was probably a good thing that Dwight did not attend college. He has made a Hall of Fame-worthy career and is still a very productive player.

Credit: Youtube/NBATop10

Dirk NowitZki

Who doesn't know the revolutonary 7-footer Dirk Nowitski? He was the first NBA player to be selected to the ALl-NBA First team without going to high school or college.

Credit: Youtube/Max Sport HD

Tracy McGrady

Straight out of Mount Zion Christian Academy, McGrady created a legacy with the Orlando Magic. However, he did take some time to adjust in the league.

Credit: YouTube/NBA

LeBron James

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Kevin Garnett

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Kobe Bryant

Credit: Youtube/NBA