Michael Jordan, LeBron James, & Kobe Bryant Amongst Many Who Got Pissed off By NBA Reporters Asking Dumb Questions

One of the biggest reasons why NBA players don't get along with the media at all times is because they are asked a lot of dumb questions. 

But what's even better is an NBA player's reaction after hearing that question. 

Take a look!

Chris Paul's utter confusion

Back when Chris Paul was playing for the LA Clippers in 2017, Chris was completely baffled when a reporter asked him if they were going to win Game 6 of their NBA playoff series on the road to force a game 7 at home. 

Credit: Youtube/Sports News Daily

Draymond Green being his honest self

The reason why Warriors fans love Draymond Green is that he has no filter and always speaks his mind. So, when the Warriors and Rockets were playing each other but Houston was suffering through floods, a reporter asked him about the situation. Green didn't understand why this pertained to him and the Warriors in any way.

Credit: YouTube/Joe Farris

Michael Jordan's cocky behaviour

Michael Jordan is one of the most feared entities in the NBA. Not just on the court but off of it too. So, nobody understood when a reporter asked Jordan the most obvious question about who would take the last shot for the Chicago Bulls with the game on the line. MJ's response was epic!

Credit: YouTube/GreatsPlayHere LLC

LeBron James walks out of the conference 

When the Cavs lost Game 1 to the Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals, the J.R. Smith incident was going viral everywhere. So, when a reporter kept persisting on knowing Bron's version of it, he got so pissed that he walked out and famously asked reporters to do better than this.

Credit: YouTube/ESPN

Shaquille O'Neal has the perfect response to this hilariours question

A reporter asked Shaq a hypothetical question as bad as if a snake bites his mom on the chest, whether he will suck the venom out of it to win a championship. However, Shaq took it all in good humor and had the perfect response.

Credit: YouTube/Ken Carpenter

Kobe Bryant gives reporter a taste of his own medicine

The Lakers legend definitely didn't want to deal with stupid questions after a loss. So, when the Lakers had lost Game 1 against OKC in the 2012 playoff series, a reporter asked Kobe a very vague question about whether they could guard OKC at all. To this, Kobe couldn't help but respond back with a mock.

Credit: YouTube/07rcmp 

Russell Westbrook gets extremely defensive 

During the 2016-17 season, KD had left OKC for the Warriors and this turned his relationship with Westbrook bitter. But that time, the Cavs had defeated the Warriors. So, OKC was playing Christmas that year and during his pre-game routine he yelled, "Thank you Jamie", as he ran out of the court. Some interpreted it as 'Thank you Kyrie' and the reporters couldn't stop asking him about it. Of course, Russell was pissed off.

Credit: YouTube/HoopJab

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