Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors & Other Exciting Matchups to Look Out for in Upcoming 2021-22 NBA Season

The NBA has already rolled out its 75th Anniversary season's schedule which opens on October 19. 

Although it's a long way before we see any action on the court, it's never too soon to circle the big games don't the calendar. 

Here are some matchups that are a must-watch!

LA Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers: March 3

This is a matchup we've been waiting to see in the playoffs for the first time in NBA history for a while now. This hallway rivalry is anything but that because the Lakers have 17 NBA championships and Clippers, none. So, LA is still a Lakers town. How will Paul George and Kawhi Leonard fair out in from of this superteam now?

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Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks: Feb 10

This is the first time these two teams will go head to head since the NBA Finals, when the Bucks overcame the 2-0 deficit to win the title. It was a hard-fought series with two championship starving franchises. This game will be super-charged with a mixture of emotions.

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Brooklyn Nets: Dec 25

These two teams were "supposed" to meet each other in the NBA Finals last season. Instead, the Lakers were kicked out in the first round by the Suns and the Nets were eliminated in the second round by the Bucks. On top of this, the teams were decimated by injuries. So, as long as everyone remains healthy, this Christmas Day matchup could give us what we all have been looking forward to.

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LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz: Dec 15

The Clippers overcame a 2-0 deficit to defeat the Jazz which must have pissed them off really bad. Because this was the first time in franchise history that they finished with the top record. This will be their shot at revenge.

Credit: Youtube/House of Highlights

Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers: Oct 30

For a second there, it seemed like this was going to be the year for the Sixers. But Trae Young played the foil, Danny Green was injured, Ben Simmons fell apart, and everything collapsed for Philly. So, they are probably counting down seconds until they get another go at Hawks.

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Detroit Pistons vs Houston Rockets: Nov 10

The biggest reason this matchup made this list is because it will feature the top two NBA Draft picks. The Pistons chose Cade Cunningham as the No.1 overall pick, while the Rockets picked Jalen Green as the No. 2 pick. While we saw a glimpse of their bout in the Su

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New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors: Nov 1

Three-quarters of a century ago, the league's first regular-season game was played between the Knicks and Raptors on this very day back in 1946. This matchup is happening just in time as the Knicks are no longer laughingstock in the league and have become playoff contenders like the Raptors.

Credit: Youtube/New York Knicks

Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets: Oct 20

The last memory from this matchup is the reigning MVP getting ejected from Game 4 after taking a wild swing at DeAndre Ayton. The image of the Suns sweeping the Nuggets would probably be haunting them and it's time Jokic get's to rewrite that.

Credit: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers: Oct 19

There are plenty of storylines here. While LeBron has been openly warning his haters to not call him washed, and Westbrook will put on the Lakers uniform for the first time. Also, Dubs fans will be looking out for their superstar Klay Thompson to return.

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Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets: Oct 19

This will be fun because the Nets will have to sit through the Bucks' ring ceremony which should add fuel to this brewing rivalry. They last met in the ECSF, the best series of the playoffs last season. Since the Nets were grappling with injuries, Milwaukee was able to overcome a 2-0 deficit and win. This felt like an NBA Finals matchup and what better way to start the season than this?

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