Ranking Kobe Bryant’s Five Championship Runs With the Los Angeles Lakers

"K0-BE! KO-BE" "M-V-P! M-V-P" are just some of the chants that never faded away for 20 years at the Staples Center from 1996-2016. 

Kobe Bryant came into the league and made a legacy that won't ever be forgotten. 

However, it's time that we take a look at his best Championship runs. Let's go!

#5 2000 NBA Championship against Indiana Pacers

The Lakers were very dominant this year with 67 wins in the regular season. And they completely dismantled the Pacers that had Reggie Miller. This was the start of Kobe's legacy with the Lakers and the first of the three consecutive NBA championships. 

Credit: Youtube/Basketball Action

#4 2001 NBA Championship against Philadelphia 76ers

This season was nothing like the previous one. They were far from their best, had only 56-wins and did not finish first in the Western Conference. But everything changed in the playoffs. They swept all the playoff series upto the Finals. They only lost game one, thanks to Allen Iverson but had a 15-1 record, which took 15 years to beat by the Golden State Warriors. 

Credit: YouTube/pennyccw

#3 2002 NBA Championship vs New Jersey Nets (now Brooklyn Nets)

This could have been on the fifth spot because winning this against the Nets was as easy as it could get for them. But this was their third straight NBA championship which made it iconic. This three-peat came 27 years after one that Michael Jordan pulled off with the Chicago Bulls. Kobe and the Lakers finished them off with a clean sweep. 

Credit: YouTube/sburkha3

#2 2009 NBA Championship vs Orlando Magic 

Thanks to Phil Jackson's triangle offense, Kobe secured the Lakers their 15th NBA championship with the help of 7-foot Spaniard, Pau Gasol. They were absolutely unstoppable and had won 65 games and Bryant ended up with his first Finals MVP award as well. 

Credit: YouTube/NBA

#1 2010 NBA Championship vs Boston Celtics

The Lakers and Celtics rivalry is the biggest in sports history and the Celtics being one of the most elite franchises, this was the biggest achievement of Kobe's life. What made this even better was that they came back from a 2-3 deficit to get this title. 


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