Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman & Other Teammates Michael Jordan Was Lucky to Have

Michael Jordan's storied legacy was not built alone. He had some help from his fellow teammates. 

In fact, if it wasn't for some of them, there might not have been a Chicago bulls dynasty.

Let's have a look at who those players Are!


John Paxson

The guy who made the game-winner that sealed the Bulls' first three-peat has to be on this list. Paxson made his living waiting for the defense around MJ to collapse so he could nail threes.

Credit: Youtube/Damon Bailey

Charles Oakley

One of the best rebounders in the NBA of his time, Oakley is still close friends with Jordan. His greatest contribution was being MJ's enforcer.

Credit: Youtube/Utah Jazz Fanatic

Steve Kerr

The greatest shooter in the league's history was the role player MJ needed to bag championships.  The way he won Jordan's trust made him invaluable. And who can forget his game-winner in Game 6 1997 NBA Finals?

Credit: Youtube/Ellie Miller

Toni Kukoc

Jordan knew that if he had a rare off night, he could always rely on Kukoc to step up and get buckets. He was one of the most skilled teammates MJ has had.

Credit: Youtube/Nonstop Sports

Horace Grant

Dennis Rodman

Scottie Pippen


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