The Most Expensive Michael Jordan Memorabilia ever sold

There has been and always will be a GOAt Debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. 

However, if there is one thing that no other player can surpass is his Merch. 

Swipe through the top five most extravagant MJ memorabilia ever sold.


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game-worn 1984 olympics jersey

There is nothing better than Jordan's game-worn jerseys for fans to go gaga over. But the jersey he wore as he made his Olympics debut was truly a special one that collector's can't keep their hands off of it. 

Credit: Youtube/Fun Recommender

1992 used and signed basketball from jam music video

When the greatest pop culture icon collaborates with the NBA GOAT, whatever they make becomes gold. Michael Jackson got Jordan to throw some hoops in his "Jam" music video and the ball he used was sold for a quarter-million dollars.

Credit: Youtube/Michael Jackson

Game-worn air jordan 1s

These Jordan 1s signify MJ's path into the league and his Nike deal in 1984.  Initially, a pair was sold for $150 million but after the release of "The Last Dance" , they sell for more than half a million.

Credit: Youtube/Sneakerarchive

Game-worn "shattered backboard" nike air jordan 1s

It is crazy enough that a pair of Jordan 1s are being sold for half a million. But when Jordan broke the backboard and shattered glass on the floor  in 1985 in an exhibition game, those sneakers became a point of pride for collectors.

Credit: YouTube/Juan Martin

Hardwood floor from delta center