The Weirdest Things Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony & Other NBA Players Have Bought 

NBA Players have their lives filled with lucrative contracts and deals that make them millionaires. But not always do they make smart investments.

Given that any purchase will hardly make a dent in their bank accounts but it has certainly made us question their judgements and choices. Take a look!

Marquis Daniels:
A Chain 

No one would be very familiar with Marquis' prowess on the court but the way he showed of his eccentric chain back in 2010. Although jewellery isn't an odd purchase but when it involves a 14-karat gold and cognac diamond replica of your head, it won't be considered normal.

Credit: Youtube/The Young Turks

Carmelo Anthony: Camel

Melo isn't a stranger to buying weird things. From getting a statue of himself to a creepy dungeon of sneakers, he then went and got a  camel for himself. And Camels are an expensive buy, so why would Melo make this useless purchase?

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Scottie Pippen: Private jet

A private jet is the ultimate symbol of elite right? NO! Not for Pippen at least. After signing a $83 million contract with Rockets, Pippen decided to buy a $4 million jet which didn't even work. In addition, he had to spend another one million to get it fixed but it never left the ground.

Credit: Youtube/REBOUND

Shaquille O'Neal : Superman merchandise

Although Shaq is usually very sound when it comes to smart investments, he has spent more than one or two bucks on Superman merchandise. In fact, from his cars, garage, bed, gym, rings, t-shirts, everything you can think of has superman in it.  Only a life size superman is left, oh wait! He has bought that too!

Credit: Youtube/REBOUND

Michael Jordan: 
A Mansion dedicated to himself

MJ went on to by a dream home of $2 Million but it was probably a dream home for only him. He filled everything in the house with his number 23 and made it a tribute to himself that when he wanted to sell it, nobody would buy it. Eventually it's market value fell drastically to just $4 Million.

Credit: Youtube/REBOUND

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