Top Five Reasons Why the 90s NBA Featuring Michael Jordan Easily Tops Current Day NBA

We have come a long way since NBA came into our lives but the 90s are undoubtedly the most talked-about era out of all. 

The culture, the style, the talent that emerged back then is way beyond today's generation. 

There are plenty of reasons to love the 90s more than the modern game. 

But here are a few of them,,,


There weren't as many evident friendships as you see today like LeBron, Wade, Carmelo, and so on. Not that it's the best thing but it surely made plenty of games interesting. Like the Knicks vs Pacers bouts, Bulls vs Pistons' hardcore hatred for one another, then MJ's humiliating Patrick Ewing with his poster dunk. All of this is a rare sight now.

Credit: Youtube/4 The Win


In the 90s, the NBA became so popular the brands began to exploit it for clientele by using players for endorsements and commercials. Nike, Gatorade, McDonald's, Converse, Pepsi, and even Reebok are some of those companies. This gave players a way to earn big bucks even off the court, while also entertaining the audience with some creative ads.

Credit: YouTube/LamarMatic


Although this tradition of signing shoe deals has carried on until now, the 90s were the time with retro sneakers and re-releases of kicks. There were so many options to choose from and different players endorsing it. MJ's Air Jordan was there but even Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, and Penny Hardaway led the way in this department.

Credit: YouTube/Daniboxx


The NBA on NBC was something special and provided the best coverage. From it's intro montages before games, the theme song, and having some of the most incredible hosts made the experience although more exciting. Nobody ever came close to how they broadcasted everything.

Credit: YouTube/Wardrop06

Hip Hop Era

Hip-hop became a big ingluence on the NBA as the genre began to get popular among communties. However, when Allen Iverson came into the league, everything changed. He stayed true to himself and paid homage to this culture with his jewelry and DU rags and some others followed. We also got to witness movies and songs that blended the game with hip-hop.

Credit: YouTube/mikescottie

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