How Michael Jordan Spends His Billions of Dollars

After Michael Jordan retired from the league, his fortune ballooned thanks to some very smart investments by MJ.
Today, let's take a look at how Michael Jordan spends his millions.

#6 Yacht

Michael Jordan owns one of the most luxurious yachts in the world. From a basketball court to a full fledged bar, the yacht is equipped with everything.

A $80 Million Massive Yacht

Credit: Youtube/Top Trending

#5 Private Plane

Michael Jordan showed his love for his days with North Carolina University as the jet is colored blue and white, same the university's jersey.

A Personalized Private Jet

Credit: YouTube/Top Trending

#4 Golf Estate

The Chicago Bulls legend is known to play golf whenever he gets some extra time on his hand. MJ usually enjoys the sports with his friends in his golf estate.

A Private Golf Estate

Credit: YouTube/Jordan-Pedia

#3 Luxurious Houses

The billionaire owns several houses but usually spends most of his time in his massive Florida mansion.

Million Dollar Mansions

Credit: YouTube/CNBC Prime

#2 Owner of 23XI Racing

After already being an owner for an NBA team for more than a decade, MJ decided to test his luck in a different sport as an owner.

MJ Shows Love for NASCAR

Credit: YouTube/Motorsports on NBC

#1 Owner of Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan didn't cut all ties with the game of basketball as he is holds the majority shares of the Charlotte Hornets franchise.

Majority Owner of Hornets

Credit: YouTube/CliveNBAParody

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