LeBron James' Crazy Body Transformation From Rookie to NBA Icon Over the Past 17 Years

Since entering the league LeBron James has gone through a major physique transformation during his long career.
Let's take a look at how King James has looked over the years.

Pre-NBA Era

During his high school playing days, LeBron used to be a lean guy. But since entering the league, James has gone through an insane change in his physique. 

High School LeBron James

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

First Stint with Cavs

After spending a few years in the league, LeBron started to gain mass and started to be recognized for his sheer athletic prowess.

The Akron Hammer

Credit: YouTube/AL's Highlight World

Miami LeBron

After joining Miami Heat, LeBron James went through an insane change as he gained a lot of muscle. Heat Bron was unarguably the most  dominant version of him.

The Freight Train

Credit: YouTube/LebronJamesPolska

Second stint with Cavs

During his second stint with the Cavaliers, LeBron James cut down his muscle mass and looked lean again. But he was still a dominant force.

King James

Credit: YouTube/Uninterrupted

Lakers LeBron

When LeBron entered the city of Angeles he gained a lit more weight as he started to rely more on his shooting abilities rather than his sheer athleticism.

Los Angeles LeBron James

Credit: YouTube/NBA

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