"600 Children Will Be Blessed Today": Buffalo Bills' Stephon Diggs Shows the Power of Community & Joy of Giving

When wide receiver Stefon Diggs joined his teammates in honoring the victims of the Tops supermarket mass shooting on Buffalo's East Side that occurred on May 14, he knew he needed to come back to Jefferson Avenue and do more work to help heal hearts in the community.

What Stefon Diggs said on it

"I'm just putting my left foot in front of my right,"

Stefon Diggs added

"I knew it was heavy the last time I was here, and I was trying to lift some spirits when I came back."

Diggs stuck to his word and impressed Mayor Byron Brown

"600 children are going to be blessed today, "Now you see, he's not only great on the field, he's great off the field as well."

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