$9 million Pay Cut by Patrick Mahomes Shows He’s Walking in Shadow of Tom Brady

 Patrick Mahomes secured his second Lombardi Trophy and earned his second Super Bowl MVP, but he is not content to sit back and relish his success. Instead, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has taken it upon himself to reshape the team's lineup in an effort to repeat as Super Bowl champions as Tom Brady's New England Patriots did. 

Patrick Mahomes leads from the front

To ensure a back-to-back victory Partick Mahomes is willing to lead from the front, he took a pay cut of millions of dollars to free up cap space for the Chief's.

Pratick Mahomes being Compared to Tom Brady

 This act of selflessness has drawn comparison to Tom Brady, who did put his team ahead of himself In order to free up $10 million in cap room, Patrick Mahomes selflessly consented to have $12 million of his 2023 roster bonus converted to a signing bonus.

Following in the Footsteps of the GOAT Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers  and seven time Super Bowls champion recently announced his retirement, restructured his one-year $25 million deal to a one-year $15 million in 2022, freeing up nearly $9 million to help the Buccaneers stockpile enough ammunition for their arsenal.

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