After Protecting Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, Orlando Brown Jr Paid $64 Million to Protect AFC’s Next Tom Brady

Published 03/16/2023, 5:55 AM EDT

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Patrick Mahomes is losing his biggest protection that gives him time to do what he does best with the ball. Orlando Brown Jr is no more with the Kansas City Chiefs. After protecting Lamar Jackson and Mahomes, the offensive tackle will now protect the next Tom Brady. And he is getting $64 million to do the job in hand.

Brown Jr. has played with almost every elite QB of the current generation. And another name is getting added in the ever-growing list of big-name quarterbacks who have had his services.

Moving on from Patrick Mahomes


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Orlando Brown Jr. was a massive part of the Chiefs under Patrick Mahomes in the last couple of seasons. They won a Super Bowl title together at Arrowhead Stadium. 6-foot-8, 340-pound OT had a win rate of 90 percent when protecting Mahomes.

But now, the offensive tackle is moving on to protect Mahomes’ nemesis in a team that has emerged as the biggest competitor for the Chiefs. According to NFL Insider Tony Pelissero, he is going to the Cincinnati Bengals in a four-year deal worth $64.09 million.

So, the Chiefs QB is losing a big protector to his biggest rival. Brown Jr will now stand as a wall in front of Joe Burrow to try and keep him upright. And after two seasons of touch and go, he may be the only piece required to actually go and lift the Vince Lombardi trophy. But will that mean that Mahomes will face any threats going forward?

The Bengals lost the Super Bowl in 2022. And then they fell at the 2023 AFC championship game hurdle, and against the Chiefs of all teams. The OT will want to remain on the winning side when these two teams meet in the next season. And that might prompt the Chiefs to look for options to fill that void.

A sparking CV so far

Orlando Brown Jr has an impressive track record as a QB protector so far. The Baltimore Ravens picked him in the third round of the 2018 NFL draft. It was the same year that the Ravens got their biggest offensive weapon, Lamar Jackson in the first round of that draft. And Brown Jr got the duty of protecting the Ravens’ prized possession.


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He did his job effectively for two seasons. In his second year in Baltimore, the OT saw Jackson win the league MVP award. He then joined the Kansas City Chiefs and shook hands with Patrick Mahomes.

In his two seasons in Kansas City, he became a regular in the final legs of the postseason. And again, in his second season there, he saw his QB get the league MVP award. The Chiefs also won the Superbowl title with Mahomes bagging the Super Bowl MVP award.


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So, will the OT be at the same level with Joe Burrow? The Bengals faithful will certainly hope so.

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