Aaron Rodgers Medical Update - Injured Legend Reveals Exact Time For Recovery 

During last week's game, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers sustained a painful Achilles injury. Since his surgery, there have been many questions about his recovery and return to the field. During a recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers took the time to answer some questions.

Aaron Rodgers shares about his first 24 hours post-injury 

In the interview, Rodgers shared that the electric night turned into the most challenging 24 hours for him. He said, "A  lot of dark restoration and anger, all the gamut of emotions, but even the sun rose the next day, and I found myself in L.A. and had surgery on Wednesday. And since then, I've been feeling better."

Pat McAfee talks about post-surgery recovery time-line with Rodgers

After going through an ocean of emotions and the surgery, McAfee asked Rodgers, "He's 39 years old, he's an old man gonna have to do Achilles surgery, which is what, an 8 to 12 month rehab process."

Aaron Rodgers response on his road to recovery 

Grateful for everyone who prayed and reached out to him, Rodgers said, "Big thanks to all those people, so many people reached out who had Achilles injuries, and that was really nice too just give me an idea what to expect what worked for them at Rehab, what didn't work, so that was pretty important."

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