"And I’d say, he’s a fu*king": Aaron Rodgers Puts Wish List Rumors to Bed Once and for All

Aaron Rodgers one the most legendary Quater backs in the history of NFL puts Wishlist speculations aside in a recent Podcast appearance, the saga comes to an end after the direct statement of Rodgers himself, and all rumors can be put to bed.

The New York Jets Situation

According to several reports Aaron Rodgers is almost a Newyork Jets Player but there are many underlying factors before that.

The rumor report aren't  Accurate says Aaron

 Numerous reports stated that before signing a contract with the Jets, he had provided them a list of players he wanted them to sign. On the "Pat McAfee Show," Rodgers dismissed such a 'ridiculous' notion.

What did Aaron Rodgers 
Have to Say ?

“People want these things to be so true that I’m in a meeting, you know, dressed in ceremony regalia, giving them handwritten on a parchment a demand list of people they need to sign,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee.

Aaron Rodgers on Allen Lazard and his future in the NFL

The 4-time MVP said that “Listen, I think objectively, anybody can look at Allen Lazard and go, ‘he’s a really good player, we would love to have him on our team'. A-Rod is finally leaving Wisconsin after spending 18 seasons there. 

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