Coach Prime’s Son Deion Sanders Jr. Expresses Regret for Colorado’s Loss Impacting a Mysterious Fan

While the Colorado Buffaloes’ fans are struggling with the unfathomable defeat, a fan got the attention of none other than Deion Sanders Jr. with his massive loss. The Buffaloes’ head coach and NFL veteran Coach Prime’s son took his Instagram account to express his regret.

The impressive start

The team entered week 7 with unmatched confidence and started just the way Coach Prime anticipated. They headed towards the halftime with a scoreline of 29-0, giving the head coach and fans sheer hope.

The team stumbled

Fans' anticipation shattered in the second half like a trance when the opponent team, Stanford Cardinal, brought forth their powerhouse performance and claimed the victory with a 46-43 lead. Nobody, including the fan who faced significant loss, could believe their eyes as such an amateur team made Sanders' team fall flat. 

A fan showcased his devotion uniquely

Being impressed by the Colorado Buffaloes' performance in the first half, a fan went too far as he bet his entire house on the Buffaloes' win. Unfortunately, the concluding result of the match landed the fan in a miserable state as he lost his home. Upon learning about his loss, Coach Prime's son, Deion Sanders Jr., expressed his heartfelt regret.

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