J.J. Watt Hails 49ers Front Office for Masterfully Building a Star-Studded Roster Across Various Positions

J. J. Watt, the former defensive end, praised the exceptional performance of the San Francisco 49ers. The legendary NFL player recently lauded the 49ers' team formation, crediting it as the reason for their success. What does he say? Let’s find out.

Watt praised the team's selection

In a recent post, the prominent athlete praised the 49ers team positioners. According to him, the authority has brought together countless talents to ensure a tough fight with the opponents in the current season. He said, "Just an incredible roster they've assembled."

Watt was opinionative about the QB

Brock Purdy became a subject of controversy following his weak performance in the Thursday match. However, Watt supported the rookie, stating, "Certainly doesn’t hurt to have a QB making $870k and operating the offense with ease."

George Kittle revealed the secret

San Francisco 49ers’ veteran tight end George Kittle believes that their team's mindset and understanding are the keys to their comparatively better performance in the 2023 NFL season.

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