Justin Bieber Is the Perfect Bandwagon Fan; Here Are the NFL Teams the Pop Star Supports

This is not a lie. Justin Bieber will literally put on any jersey that’s given to him. It’s called “The Kenny Chesney effect,” which is known for supporting 36 different teams. Bieber is owning his decisions though, and that has to be applauded. He really will wear any jersey that’s handed to him. Do you know which NFL team he supports?

Dallas Cowboys

You heard it right. Bieber once wore the no. 4 Jersey of the Dallas Cowboys which makes statement.

Atlanta Falcons

If you remember, there were plenty of people cheering for the Falcons as they face off against the Patriots in the 51st Super Bowl, and Justin Bieber was one of them.

Justin and Selena both are Falcon's fans

Justin and Selena went to watch the Atlanta Falcons play the Philadelphia Eagles at the Georgia Dome on Sept. 18 and Selena even rocked an Atlanta Falcons jersey. Justin, who lives in Atlanta, went out to support his home team with Selena

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