Mystery Surrounds Aaron Rodgers' Coffee Date with Two Unknowns as Jets GM Feels the Heat

Aaron Rodgers is wanted by Joe Douglas. All Aaron Rodgers desired was a cup of coffee.
In Thousand Oaks, California's Longevity Coffee, Rodgers was seen sipping on a cold beverage as the football world waited for Jets General Manager Mark Douglas and the Packers to finalize a deal for the 39-year-old quarterback.At the drip shop, the four-time NFL MVP engaged in a fitness-related discussion with an unnamed man and woman while drinking an iced coffee.

Who has Aaron Rodgers dating ?

The  four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, who is allegedly dating model Mallory Edens, decided he had had enough after about an hour. He left by himself into the rain and hugged a Longevity staffer as he did so.

Aftermath of his last Public Appearance 

The 18-year veteran provided a "wish list of players to the New York Jets. Last week, the team agreed to a four-year, $44 million contract with receiver Allen Lazard, and they have urged free agent Odell Beckham Jr. to stay in touch.

Allen lazard on Aaron Rodgers 

“I think with Aaron Rodgers as quarterback, the possibility to win is always a thing,” On Friday, Lazard informed reporters.Having said that, it's actually the Super Bowl. In particular, given where he was in his career and everything, his talent, and the fact that he had just earned back-to-back MVP awards two or three years prior.

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