Nothing Short Of A Tragedy: What Just Happened With Lamar Jackson's Contract!

Lamar Jackson turned down the Baltimore Ravens' offers for a contract extension and is now betting on himself this season. Ravens announced they were unable to agree on a new deal by the quarterback's self-imposed deadline.

What General Manager Eric DeCosta said on it

"Despite best efforts on both sides, we were unable to reach a contract extension with Lamar Jackson,"

Eric DeCosta added

"We greatly appreciate how he has handled this process and we are excited about our team with Lamar leading the way. We will continue to work towards a long-term contract after the season, but for now we are looking forward to a successful 2022 campaign."

What Ravens coach John Harbaugh said on it

"Lamar is going to be playing quarterback here for a long time. He and I talked about it yesterday like, 'Hey man, let's go be our best and go focus on football.' And that's what he's been doing all along. So I know nothing will change with that and we're just focused on Sunday."

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