Shannon Sharpe Tears Down Antonio Brown For Hating on Colin Kaepernick

Shannon Sharpe is furious at Antonio Brown for doing to Colin Kaepernick, allegedly, what many fans accuse him of doing: put another man of color down to boost one's own profile.

What Shanon Sharpe said on Antonio Brown

"This is laughable. I want to know where all those AB supporters are now. Every time I say something about AB, you say, 'Shannon Sharpe, you are putting another black man down' So what would you call what AB is doing currently?"

Shannon Sharpe added

"Colin Kaepernick did nothing to Antonio Brown. What I speak about is Antonio Brown's behavior and his atheics and how it's costing him money, but you and he blame everybody else. What he wants is what Colin Kaepernick got."

Sharpe went on to name numerous things that Brown could be jealous of

"Colin Kaepernick got Nike. Colin Kaepernick got a documentary. Colin Kaepernick has people still writing favorable articles about him. He wants to know why does (Kaepernick) get all of that? He's trash, anyway. Really, AB?"

Brown also referred to Kaepernick as 'trash'

Brown also referred to Kaepernick as 'trash' and said he 'don't wanna play'. What provoked the Brown to speak out is unclear, but he has likely gained plenty of fans for speaking against the polarizing former 49ers signal-caller.

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