Some Glimmer of Hope for Tom Brady & the Buccaneers Ahead of Blockbuster Season Opener Against the Cowboys

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just days away from kicking off their 2022 regular season, and it looks like one of their Pro Bowl wide receivers is inching closer to a comeback. It would be a great hope for Brady and Bucs.

Who is expected to return 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin appears to be one step closer to making his return from last year's season-ending injury.

Will Godwin be able to suit up against Cowboys?

Whether or not Godwin is able to suit up Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys still remains to be seen, but this is yet another positive step as the star pass-catching inches closer to full strength.

What Chris Godwin said on this

"I would imagine I have the final say. It's going to come down to feel. Because I understand what I'm capable of doing on the field when healthy. But I also understand what I'm capable of pushing through."

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