“There Were Like A 1000 girls there”: Gisele Bundchen Remembers Tough Initial Days Before She Married Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen need no introduction. The power couple always rules the Internet. Let's have a look at what Bundchen remembers initial days before marriage.

What Gisele said on it

“This was in London. Look at my Birkenstocks with socks. I mean, look at this style. I mean, this is how much I knew about fashion, okay. Look at what I’m wearing. I would just go around like this every day, thinking everything was fine. I didn’t care."

Gisele added

“I mean, I didn’t speak English. It was my first show season in London. I did 42 castings. I remember going to all these castings and nobody would even look at my book because it was the heroin chic time and I didn’t look nothing like the heroin chic, obviously, as you can see in the picture.”

Gisele went to do the casting for Alexander McQueen

“I went to do this casting for Alexander McQueen and there were girls around the block. There were like a thousand girls. It was the craziest thing. And he was just sitting on this couch and he would just go and say, walk. And he would put you in these impossible shoes.”

Gisele concluded

“I was walking the whole time thinking, ‘I hope my dad doesn’t ever see this picture. That’s why I have the memory of this show, all I wanted to do was leave but you know, it’s one of those things that make you stronger.”

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