Tom Brady May Have Upset $155.8 Billion Worth Business Magnet With A Like On Twitter

Tom Brady has had his fair share of controversies on Twitter. From conflict with AB to the FTX scam, Brady has had troubles on Twitter. Furthermore, he recently did something that might earn him the ire of a powerful man. The Buccaneers quarterback went on to like a tweet put out by a prominent YouTuber, Mr. Beast. However, the interesting thing is what Mr. Beast’s tweeted.

Elon Musk not too happy right now with Brady

Elon Musk a.k.a Elmo is probably not too happy right now with Brady. The star quarterback had recently liked Mr. Beast’s tweet wherein he was questioning the Tesla CEO if he could replace Musk as Twitter’s latest leader.

This is not the first time Brady has done something foolhardy with his Twitter account

This is not the first time Brady has done something foolhardy with his Twitter account. Previously in the year, Brady had messed up with his profile picture in relation to the FTX scam as well.

Tom Brady’s past antics on Twitter

Clearly, Brady has had a knack for making mistakes on Twitter. His FTX fiasco is one example out of many. However, liking Mr. Beast’s posts draws more attention, as someone so prominent is involved. The question that remains is how does the billionaire actually feel about Brady liking Beast’s tweet?

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